dita Visitor allows for a Covid-19 safe check-in for visitors, staff and deliveries

Learn how to improve your Covid-19 Safety Compliance with a Visitor Management System

With the end of JobSeeker & JobKeeper almost upon us, it is apparent that the workforce is going to change considerably in the coming months. Keeping that in mind, as well as the threat of another COVID-19 shutdown betrothed upon us, best practice would be to help minimize your Covid-19 risk and prepare your business as much as possible.

Health and safety are now a big priority in our post COVID-19 world, and contactless engagement is particularly important. Here, we explain the ways in how our dita Visitor Management System is paving the way for COVID-19-safe contact and how your business can benefit from introducing this system.

The Benefits of dita Visitor Management System

The main beneficial factors of dita Visitor Management Systems include simple check-in for visitors, contractors, staff, and deliveries. You will always know who has signed in, when they did so, who they meet with and you’ll always know who is onsite, to ensure you maintain social distancing requirements. There is no need for paper printouts or clipboards for sign-ins, and instead, your client will be presented with the professional looking dita Visitor for a quick and easy sign-in.

“Make sure your first impression is a good one”

Once your visitor checks in, an email notification will be sent to the host, notifying them of a guest’s arrival, as well as an SMS, which is available as an add-on. The dita Visitor System instantly prints an ID badges for your visitor as soon as they check-in. No direct contact is made with anyone up until this point, which is what makes the dita Visitor Management System so Covid-19 friendly.

The dita Visitor instantly prints an ID badge, once your visitor has signed in

Safety and Security

Another practical feature is the site induction capability, which ensures a safe and secure workplace. For example, in the event of a fire evacuation, the dita Visitor Management System can run a roll call and provide information on which of your staff and visitors are accounted for. If a team member or visitor is absent in the roll call process, their phone number will be displayed on the dita Visitor platform.

The dita Visitor System also has custom branding capabilities, so your platform can reflect the theme of your business.

In short, our dita Visitor System saves your business time, money, and paper.

dita Visitor allows you to track who is on and off-site at all times

Easy-to-use System

Our dita Visitor Management System is so easy to use and requires little effort. Simply:

  • Greet the visitor from a safe distance.
  • Advise them to check in via the Visitor System.
  • Use an alcohol wipe to clean the screen.
  • The visitor waits for their host to meet them.

It stores information such as:

  • The name and contact details of your visitors.
  • Sign-in and sign-out date and time.
  • You can securely store this information for 56 days.

Automatic updates

Your dita Visitor System will be maintained by our team, and because our platform was designed with simplicity and ease in mind, our cloud will keep your software up to date, with nothing extra for you to pay. You will receive these updates automatically, free of charge.

dita Cloud will maintain your dita Visitor and send automatic updates

For more information on our dita Visitor System and how you can ensure your business is Covid-19 safe, book in for a 14-day free trial by simply contacting us.

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