How to adapt and change in the digital age without affecting your profit margin

For many small businesses, there are several standards which need to be constantly recognised. For example, these include the difficulties of training staff, adapting to the digital age, and streamlining procedures. This also includes ensuring that a company’s growth doesn’t outgrow itself and the procedures. As a result, we look at how your business can overcome these common company challenges.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60% of small businesses in Australia fail during the first three years of establishment. However, this doesn’t need to apply to your company. With the following recommendations, your business will be well-suited to ride the ebbs and flows that are common to every industry.

Staff Onboarding and Training

With a high staff turnover, or employing new staff in response to a growing demand for your product or services, it’s important to ensure you’re not wasting time and resources – and money – on this repetitive area. dita Solutions consider staff training to be crucial to the success of any organisation.

For training to be successful, it must appeal to the client, be assessed, and be easy to do and manage. It also needs to be consistent.

How dita Solutions Can Help you Overcome these Company Challenges:

dita Learning: Provides the ideal solution for successful staff training and onboarding. Our system provides the tools for your business to implement and report on all training, inductions, professional development, competencies, surveys. This includes compliance tracking bespoke to your company and its needs.

“Having a focus on staff onboarding is important to ensuring compliance and building a strong safety culture within your business.

Ben Pedrazzini, CEO of dita Solutions.

Once up and running, the system allows you to assign tasks to individuals, or groups of staff. This, in turn, empowers your staff to expand their skill-set through learning pathways while enabling you, as the employer, to track their progress. Additionally, you can automate reports to measure employee’s learning progress.

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Time Spent on Administration and Paperwork

Keeping a paper trail can pose multiple risks to your business. It’s can be costly, time-consuming, and storing confidential and private information takes up space that could be utilised in other ways. dita Solutions provides the ultimate tool to streamline your business operations.

How dita Solutions Can Help you Overcome these Company Challenges:

dita Forms: Provide a real solution for businesses looking to streamline and automate their manual workflows. Tailored for your business, each electronic form has it’s own customisation to suit your needs. Therefore, this minimises time spent tracking paperwork, processes and managing compliance and reporting. Additionally, each form has it’s own storage compartment, which is securely in the cloud. As a result, this frees up storage in your workplace and maintains a high level of security for sensitive and confidential information.

dita Documents: With dita Documents, you can spend less time searching for paper documents in a filing cabinet, or scrolling through endless desktop folders, as you’ll find everything you need in one, simple location. Additionally, dita Documents automates the renewal and review dates for each of your documents and sends notification to the document owner, increases document security with permission controls and audit trails and creates document back-up and recovery with the dita Cloud. 

Digital Presence and Transformation

dita Solutions works with companies of all sizes to help them adopt new practices that ensure that they keep track of meetings, employees on and off-site, training, and attendance. In other words, our software is up-to-date and provides an easily accessible Cloud for you to store your vital information.

How dita Solutions Can Help you Overcome these Company Challenges:

dita Visitor; allows you to streamline your front desk procedures with automated staff, visitor, contractor, and delivery sign-in.

dita Contactor; ensures your business is ahead of contractor requirements at all times and that you can meet your legislative duty of care.

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As a business ourselves, we understand that you don’t have time to do everything yourself. The need to automate to overcome these company challenges has never been so important. The creation of our system is to make day to day procedures a little bit easier. Our solutions are easy to use and extremely efficient, with simplicity always at the core of what we do. 

To see how dita can help streamline your business workflow, please contact us today.

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