Our Story 

We are a leading software company, powered by our cloud-based platform. We have developed technology that enables our clients to connect with their customers, staff and members, increase online engagement and generate revenue. In today's digital environment, people are expecting new ways to interact with the brands they love - this has created a need for innovative solutions from companies like ours.

Where we begun

dita Solutions achieved success by joining forces with world-renowned Olympic gold medallist, and swim coach, Laurie Lawrence. After a successful career as a water safety advocate, and much-sought-after motivational speaker, Laurie teamed up with fellow entrepreneurs Ben Pedrazzini and Steven Whyte (ex-Nine Network Head of IT) to establish dita Solutions.

We quickly began making workplaces safer and more efficient for their employees, and has now grown to offer a range of solutions to automate your business workflow.

And where we are now

The dita platform has grown significantly, and what first started as meeting the needs of Workplace Compliance and Safety, has now transformed into offering a full range of automated business solutions for small to large businesses.

Some of our trusted clients include Lexis Nexis Australia, IPAR Rehabilitation, Aspire Learning, OHSA and Evolve Compliance Solutions, to bring comprehensive solutions to Corporate Australia.

Make no mistake about it, we are in the midst of an earth-shattering technological transformation. It has the potential to alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It’s an ongoing process of adaptation – and it’s going to require everyone’s participation.

Ben Pedrazzini CEO

 one system, endless solutions 

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"I would like to thank dita Solutions for assisting me to stay ahead of the rest of the world in delivering quality instruction in an innovative and easy to use format. I cannot recommend dita Solutions enough!"