Grow Your Memberships and Build and Online Community

Digitally transform the way you attract new members, retain existing ones, and start generating revenue like never before. 

 What we do 

Digitally Transform Your Club or Association For Maximum Success

We exists to make your life easier. We believe everyone should be able to work smarter and more efficiently, so we’ve put together a range solutions that enables organisations to enrich their member experience, build stronger and more valuable teams, increase revenue, and become more inclusive.

Grow Your Base

Create an online presence and acquire new members quickly and easily to maximise revenue potential from both new and existing members.

Create a Community

Build and manage an online community for your club or association. Keep members engaged with discussion forums, events, and group chat features.

Streamline Your Operations

Through automation, streamline processes such as onboarding new members, managing subscriptions, renewals - and much more!

 packed with 

Features You'll Love

MEMEber onboarding

Automate the onboarding process of new members for an seamless experience

online catalog

Renew memberships and generate additional revenue with your own online catalog

compliance tracking

Track all members' key compliance requirements with your management portal

Subscription management

Manage members' status and subscriptions to minimise lapses in memberships


Raise much needed funds for organisation with online fundraisers

CPD Points tracking

Capture and track member's annual continued professional development 

automated reporting

Get the reports and analytics your business needs directly to your inbox. 

process automation

Streamline your workflow by automating the key bottlenecks in your processes

event managment

Host events and face to face sessions with seamless registration and attendee reporting

online forums

Allow your members to connect with like-minded people with forums, chats and discussion boards

digital noticeboard

Need to get a message out fast? Post it to your digital noticeboard to ensure all members can view it

custom branding

An entire platform customised in your organisation's theme - so your system reflects your club or association


How We Do It

Personalised Experience 

Everyone is different, so personalise your member's experience based on their subscription.

Each member is guided automatically to their very own personalised dashboard in your organisation's branding. Their dashboard will provide access to their purchases, membership details - and more!

Connected Community - Coming Soon

Give your clients and members the opportunity to connect and engage with like-minded people. 

Your members can be active within a community built and managed by you. They can engage with you, have access to new products and resources,  and engage with other like-minded members of your club or association. 

Marketing and Promotions

Integrate your solution with our marketing and promotion tools for ongoing engagement.

Promote and market new products, resources and content to your members - keeping them continually engaged in your organisation and its services. This provides the opportunity them to feel connected and want to remain a member.

The Complete Package

We believe that technology should be used to empower organisation and help them reach their full potential.  Our innovative solutions are designed to streamline your operations, grow your profitability, and build your community.

How it Works

Schedule a demo

See how our software solutions can be implemented to help you streamline your operations and grow your online community.

Build your tailored package

Every organisation is different, so why should your solution be the same? We work with you to build your package for your and just for you. 

Commence your digital transformation

Purchase the software and start watching the transformation of your club or association. 

dita Solutions has provided us with game changing technological opportunities. They listen to our requirements and collaborate on effective solutions. 


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Our platform is fully customisable

Your requirements are just as unique as your business, which is why our solution is fully customisable. 

  • Customise your colour theme, logos and background image
  • Switch on and off the elements that are important to you
  • Personalise your notifications, both email and SMS
  • Reporting filters ensures you can report on the information that essential to you

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