Unlock Potential with a Personalised Dashboard Experience

Take your customer's experience from good to great, with a personalised online journey designed for them, and only them.

Your Personalised Dashboard

Revolutionise your customer experience with - the all-in-one dashboard that keeps your audience engaged and informed. Keep track of purchases, memberships, assets and online learning in one centralised location for ultimate convenience. Elevate satisfaction rates among clients and make them feel valued every step of the way.

After Purchase Guidance

Your customers are automatically guided to their personalised dashboard after making a purchase, so they can easily access their content, purchases, assets, profile and ongoing progress.

Customer Retention

Your customers will have a central place to manage all their interaction with your brand - making it easier to stay engaged, see what they're purchased, and keep them purchasing more!

User-Friendly Interface 

A centralised, convenient located with user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to find and manage their online purchases, membership, and profile details.

See it in action!

Easy to use, and easy on the eye. The unique user dashboard will have you saying goodbye to generic content and hello to personalised success!

What You'll Get

Customised To-Do List

Streamline your user's productivity and allow them to keep of track of their journey with their own customised to-do list. With our user-friendly interface, tracking progress has never been easier!  Say goodbye to cluttered task lists and hello to streamlined progress tracking.  

Library of Tools and Resources

Let your users take their online journey further by providing access to a library of resources and tools directly from their dashboard. With our system, you can easily create and manage a digital library of resources for your audience, giving them everything they need to succeed at their fingertips.

Favourites at Your Fingertips 

Users can customise their dashboard further marking their most valued content as a "favourite" item. Don't waste time searching for that one important piece of information buried deep within a sea of content. With our favourite items feature, you can access what matters most at the click of a button. Your clients will feel valued every step of the way as they effortlessly navigate through their personalised dashboard.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s create a personalised dashboard for your platform today!