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Our user-friendly online catalog ensures a hassle-free experience, while our robust features empower you to connect directly with your audience. Whether you're an author, course creator, artist, photographer or designer - we've got all creators of content covered! Take control of your success today and join the thriving community of creators who are revolutionizing the industry.

Purchasing Made Easy

With the integration of multiple purchasing options, such as credit card, vouchers, invoicing and Google Pay -  our system ensures an effortless buying experience for your customers.

Customised for You

Your requirements are just as unique as your business, which is why our online shop front is fully customisable. Add your logo, colour theme and images to personalise your customer experience. 

Built-In Marketing Tools

Expand your reach to a wider audience by promoting your online catalog and it's products across your social media pages with built in social sharing capabilities.     

See it in action!

We believe that all content creators should be able to sell their products without hassle, so we've designed our platform to be as user-friendly as possible. Our goal is to make it easy for content creators to reach their audiences and grow their revenue.

What You'll Get

built in payment gateway for hassle free and securepayments

Built-In Payment Gateway

Integrating seamlessly with Stripe - our payment gateway to ensure a hassle-free purchasing experience for your customers. With every transaction made through our integrated system, buyers can rest assured that their payment details are protected at all times, while you can be confident that payments are deposited directly to your account. 

Hassle-Free Voucher Redemption

Purchase from the catalog on behalf of others is easy with automatically generated digital gift vouchers. These vouchers can be easily redeemed through our user-friendly system, providing a hassle-free experience for both the recipient and the purchaser. By utilizing this intuitive functionality, customers can extend their generosity by sharing access to incredible digital content with friends, loved ones, or colleagues.

purchasing an online cooking course a mobile phone through dita catalog

Optimised for Mobile

With user convenience at its core, our platform has been optimised for mobile devices, ensuring seamless accessibility from anywhere at any time. Instantly transforming smartphones or tablets into powerful digital marketplaces makes it possible for all creators of content not only to reach wider audiences but also increase revenue streams through convenient purchases made on-the-go

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