Does Your Document Management Process Need Improvement?

Are paper documents weighing down your workflows and business processes? If your business is like most, you still rely on paper documents in your day-to-day operations. However, many companies are benefitting from converting these documents into digital versions, and working electronically, through a document management system.

Is it time for your business to implement a document management system? Here are some of the warning signs to be aware of.

  • Too much manual intervention
  • Human Error is too prevalent
  • Looking for documents absorbs time
  • Version control issues

1: Too Much Manual Work is Required

Document management storage doesn’t need to be painstaking work. It should provide a level of automation, that greatly reduces manual sorting, data entry and processing. If it doesn’t, it is probably time to take a look at an alternative.

Document management products that provide scanning or capture functionality and promise automatic classification are extremely appealing to businesses because of the expectation that they will eliminate the need to pre-sort documents. However, not all of these classification engines have the same level of effectiveness. If your software is averaging low rates of document recognition, you need to find a better solution. 

2: Human Error is too Prevalent

By automating manual filing processes through document management, you will eliminate human error. You will also put an end to lost, or misfiled documents, and missed deadlines. The system’s security needs to be able to keep information from getting into the wrong hands. The best way to make sure this is taken care of is through secure user roles. They will allow access to specific items based on permission settings.

While there are many reasons for implementing document management in your company, one obvious benefit is the ability to streamline processes and make your business more efficient. If your current solution isn’t meeting those expectations, you should consider looking for one that will truly help optimise your processes and increase efficiency throughout the organisation.

A solution is useless unless your organisation takes advantage of it. If this isn’t happening in your company, you need to assess if poor adoption is due to the product being too difficult to use, outdated or ineffective. You also need a document management system that helps you remain compliant. If your current solution doesn’t provide the appropriate security features for compliance, it’s time to find one that does.

3: Looking for Documents Absorbs Time

We’ve already learned the benefits of a paperless office. Additionally, finding a single file among multiple, disconnected storage systems is like finding a needle in a haystack. Employees can’t find the documents they need to do their jobs, wasting time and slowing business processes. The right information needs to be easily accessible to the proper personnel, without them having to jump through hoops to get it.

While no one expects the entire office to know how to configure and make changes to the document management system, making minor adjustments shouldn’t require sending for reinforcements in the form of billable hours. If your system is so complex that it’s costing you more in support than it’s saving you, it’s time to find a simpler solution.

Search is an essential element of document management. Your document management solution should include a document capture application that transforms scanned images into searchable documents, as well as a document repository that supports quick, easy searches for the information you need. 

4: Loss of Version Control

Old versions of a document continue to surface. It’s easy to see how this would cause confusion — but think about documents that include things like specs and pricing. If those things are wrong in a file that’s actively circulating within your team, you’re also likely to upset customers and cost your company money. This can also cost you time.

Without an automatic updating system in place for your document management, it will take up too much time to correct the older version of the file. One of the many benefits of dita Documents is that it was designed with simplicity and ease in mind. Our cloud will keep your software up to date at all times, free of charge.

What Does a Successful Document Management System 

Look Like?

With dita Documents, you can instantly upload, view and download documents and files securely—whether you’re at the office or on the road. Admins and document owners can create hyper-targeted permissions and access for everything from viewing to sharing. Version control and the new expiration date feature help keep expired documents out of circulation.

No matter what size the file is, you can share it securely with your team, without touching your email. Just drag and drop the file directly into a chat conversation—it’s totally secure, extraordinarily fast and remains searchable forever.

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