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IPAR Rehabilitation is one of the largest injury prevention, occupational rehabilitation and return to work providers in Australia. We operate in every state and territory in the country. In addition, we deliver services to a range of customers both large and small, across metropolitan and regional centres.

Explaining and demonstrating our injury prevention services has traditionally been a face-to-face service that can be heavy in resources. In particular, our Strong4Life Manual Handling training program. We needed an additional cost effective solution that could deliver that same information. For example, in a rich format that all our participants could use and understand.

We had excellent assistance from Ben Pedrazzini and the team at dita Solutions. In addition, we have been able to bring our Strong4Life Manual Handling training to life as an e-learning solution.  The dita Platform gives us total control, from creating our courses, allocating them to our customers and managing participants. Right through the dita management interface, and delivering the training through the customised player interface that brands it as our solution. Recently we have automated the online system further to include a shop on our website. This allows customers to purchase the course in a secure environment.

We are now working on two new courses to be delivered through the same platform. For example, in order to continue to deliver injury prevention services in a cost efficient manner.

We could not be more pleased with the excellent service and ongoing support from the dita Solutions team as we continue to build this area of our business.

Tim Elvery,

IPAR | National Manager Business Development

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