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Buchanan Success Coaching (BSC) specialises in business coaching from small businesses right through to large corporates. We were looking to expand the business without having to exponentially increasing staff size. In addition, we needed to find a solution to deliver this information to our clients.

Business coaching has traditionally been in a face to face environment that can be very heavy in resources. At Buchanan Success Coaching (BSC), we needed a solution that could deliver that information in a rich format, for instance. For example, one in which is understood well and accessible by our clients. We received excellent assistance from Ben Pedrazzini and the team at dita Solutions. As a result, we have been able to bring components of our High Performance Teams course to our clients through their e-learning solution.  These online modules deliver through a platform that allows better service provision to clients so it is a cost efficient manner.

The dita Platform gives BSC total control from –  creating our modules; allocating them to our clients; managing them through the management interface; and delivery to our clients through the customised player interface that brands it as the BSC solution. Recently we have automated the online system through the dita Marketplace. As a result, we have links on our website which allows clients and new customers to purchase these modules in an automated environment.

In conclusion, Buchanan Success Coaching could not be more pleased with the excellent service and ongoing support from the dita Solutions team as we continue to build this new aspect of our business.

John Buchanan.

Managing Director | Buchanan Coaching

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