What is a Learning Management System?

Learning is a continuous process; it never stops, and it’s not always linear. To help optimize your education process, you need a learning management system (LMS) that will give you support and guidance while fostering growth in different areas of your life. In this article, we explore what a learning management system is, why you need it, and what kind of benefits it will bring to your life.

Why You Need a Learning Management System?

Organisations and education institutions are beginning to realise that learning management systems are invaluable. They help learner focus their continued training and development – particularly in the areas where they are deficient and allow them to advance in a chosen career path.

  • All your learning in one place
  • Monitors progress and automates reminders
  • A variety of learning experiences
  • Enables blended learning
  • Reduces costs associated with training 
  • Improved compliance

Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems are online tools, software or apps designed to help you manage the learning process in a course or program. It allows for all records for student progress, results, compliance, and events stored in one central place.

The best LMS allows students to access course materials and submit assignments from anywhere. They can also track progress and enable educators or instructors to see what each student is working on, provide students with guidance, and offer modules to help them learn new skills or improve their mastery of previous ones.

Understand the Benefits of Learning Management Systems

1. Everything Available in One Place

Merging all your learning properties means that you can train more people with a few resources. Instead of training the same course repeatedly, the trainer's time is freed up to focus on more significant issues like assessing skill gaps and planning how to close them.

2. Monitors Training Progress and Reminders

A learning management system allows you to keep track of the learning progress of a larger group. Any generated report will tell you how well your students learn according to their assessment results and the consistency has taken to complete the syllabus. If someone is behind on their learning, you can nudge them along with reminders.

3. Delivers a Variety of Learning Experiences

LMS is always capable of adding all the content formats you may prefer, for example, videos, texts, and maybe voiceovers. Some LMSs thrive in gamification and interactivity, leading to more learning engagement experiences and bringing your students away from the slides to actual-world circumstances.

4. Enables Blended Learning

LMSs balance blended learning, by combining online and face-to-face learning spaces and events to offer a more rounded learning experience. By combining aspects of online and in-person methodologies, blended learning provides students and instructors with benefits of both.

5. Cost Savings

Teaching and training through an LMS reduce overall costs to the organisation or institution. Physical materials and paper-based training guides are no longer needed. There is a reduction of employee travel and training expenditures and minimises the number of instructors to pay.

6. Improve Regulatory Compliance

Industries such as health care, child care, NDIS, pharmaceuticals and waste management must train, report and access for compliance determination. A learning management system can help you fulfil these regulatory requirements.

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