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Last Updated: July 27, 2023

The success of any project is reliant upon the processes and systems that have been put in place. As well as the ability to have them delivered in a consistent and ongoing fashion. You will inevitably end up with cracks appearing in your pathway when trying to juggle multiple platforms. In addition, with any associated processes to offer the one turnkey solution. You need a single platform that can take care of all the processes. One that doesn’t require ongoing technical and IT support to make changes.

In recent times, organisations have opted to produce training in-house. This is to help alleviate inefficiencies in the system yet still maintain control. Building such systems using basic software that has been available as a packaged product is now a risk. This is due to the fast pace technology is advancing. The problem here is trying to keep up with constant IT infrastructure upgrades to keep the in-house system functional.

Enabling a Turnkey Solution

Smart CEO’s are now looking at how they can outsource the majority of the IT infrastructure to Turnkey solutions. This will enable them to lessen risk exposure in this area. It means they can keep up with ongoing changes to technology. Whilst at the same time refocusing attention for your IT Department back to managing infrastructure rather than developing it. At first, it may seem cheaper to control it all in-house. But it becomes a great cost to the organisation as they struggle to keep up with maintenance, upgrades and new offerings in the market.

You need a platform that can take care of all the processes identified in a project that doesn’t require ongoing technical and IT support to make any changes.

Training and Compliance

For instance, let’s look at training and compliance within an organisation. We have a Senior HR staff member that wants to add a new offering to their current training. To make this happen that person will need to talk to the IT Department, then a production house to make the new training component, back to IT to upload the content and then finally back to HR to roll out.

While the organisation has control of the system, it is not a turnkey solution meaning many different hands need to be involved to achieve a single outcome. It’s very important in the field of training and compliance to have a system that can achieve all of these functions in one platform. As legislation changes on an ongoing basis, so to the organisation needs a system that can do everything from the one system allowing the HR staff member to do the job themselves.


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