COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the global digital transformation. More firms are now keen on establishing a remarkable digital presence. Upcoming digital trends utilize advanced technology to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, business firms can enjoy a significant return on investment (ROI). Below are the top trends reshaping digital transformation in 2021.

1. Advanced Digital Banking

Digital banking has seen unmatched growth in the past few years. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, financial institutions shifted to online transactions. Essentially, most banks now have online platforms for customer registration. Consumers can also apply for loans via mobile apps.

New tech trends aim at promoting customer satisfaction. Simplifying complex banking procedures will come in handy to boost customer loyalty.

Additionally, more banks are gradually embracing advanced analytics for decision making. Data-oriented decisions will further enhance overall sales and profits.

With the advancement in technology, there is a significant shortage in the global tech force. Consequently, financial institutions have established learning platforms to enhance tech knowledge among their employees.

2. 5G

5G is among the latest trends transforming the global tech scene. Unlike previous technologies, 5G involves ultra-fast speed. Moreover, 5G has a more advanced bandwidth; hence it connects more devices. With 5G, the latency time is zero.

As the pandemic progresses, videoconferencing and remote working have taken center stage. Subsequently, most organizations are gradually adopting 5G technology for their operations. Research shows that 5G services will expand even further as the year goes on.

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3. Enhanced Contactless Solutions

The pandemic has, to a great extent, transformed the usual way of doing things. Advanced digital trends eliminate the need for physical meetings. The growth of contactless interactions has seen a steady rise, especially in the past year. Consumers can conveniently purchase items via online platforms. Moreover, online interviews and video conferences have increasingly become popular. Where face to face meetings and interviews need to occur, contactless visitor management and check-in systems now manage this process. As 2021 progresses, the demand and use of contactless solutions will thrive further.

4. Remote Work

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, most businesses have shifted to working from home. As normalcy gradually resumes, business firms have the crucial responsibility of upholding the safety of their employees.

Flexible work-from-home schedules enable organizations to meet their goals while ensuring the utmost protection of their staff. Renowned firms have already laid out their remote working programs for 2021. Such organizations include Facebook and Google.

5. Advanced Customer Interaction

As technology continues to advance, customer interaction has, similarly, made significant strides. Upcoming digital trends drive towards establishing a direct and seamless customer experience.

AI-based chatbots significantly enhance customer engagement. Consumers can acquire instant replies to their queries. Smart wearables and conversational apps also play a vital role in boosting customer experience.

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