COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of strong cybersecurity practices. And, although there is no one solution for all security risks, striking a balance between people, processes, and technology is necessary.

Firstly, 2021 was undoubtedly a year for change. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our lives and business. As a result, this was a contributing factor to significant changes in the way we work, shop, and interact. Similarly, many of those changes are likely to continue in the trends for 2022.

Certainly, we share a massive amount of personal data to apps, e-commerce, and social media sites. Consequently, this has created a world where tech companies have to balance the "customer experience" with more data management practices.

So, as we prepare for a new year, what digital transformation trends should companies look forward to in 2022? For example, security will be one of the most emphasized aspects of technology and business transactions. 

To sum up, most companies started their digital transformation journeys before 2021. However, this year will certainly see changes in the course of many company projects.

Understanding Digital Transformation

When digital transformation began as an innovative approach to process and product development, unfortunately security was left behind in the transition.

More than 445 million cyberattacks were reported in 2020. As part of risk management, IT companies now have Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) who hold cybersecurity high on their list of priorities.

Businesses and companies utilising digital technology require improved data security. As technology improves, so do the threats coming from hackers, thus the need to improve data security measures.

Digital Transformation Creates an Easier Workflow

As a result, security teams must ensure that their organisation’s security practices keep up with the speed of digital transformation. For example, cloud-based services provide improved cyber-security features. In addition, and importantly, they keep companies' data safe and secure. Furthermore, from 2022, digital innovation will force businesses to leverage cloud-based solutions. Above all, this will ensure to make data protection a top priority.

Therefore, what does this shift mean for digital transformation in 2022? In short, this trend requires companies to invest in cloud-based solutions, such as ours here at dita Solutions. Moreover, they are in fact becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. For instance, this includes scalability, cost savings, and ease of use. Overall, the cloud is a more efficient and cost-effective way to run business applications.

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