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Last Updated: July 27, 2023

SCORM is one standard that is used by many organisations for their online training courses/modules, this has been particularly adopted in the education industry and government bodies around the world.

The dita Platform is in the final stages of integration of SCORM into its platform, which will allow its clients to have access to tens of thousands of pre-existing training courses from external publishers and organisations. They will be able to licence this training by directly loading these courses into the dita platform and linking to the SCORM cloud through a new set of API’s.

While our main focus and unique offering has been to offer an all in one platform that allows you to create your own online training modules through the dita creator and then access them in the management interface and allocated directly to your users without any third party assistance. We are now excited to be able to offer this function from January 30th 2016, where you can either upload or link to any external SCORM courses via the dita Creator.

This still give you full control without the need for third parties except to being able to have available to you the then of thousands of available courses worldwide that seamlessly be integrated into the dita platform.

Once this integration has been compete we will send another update on how to use this new function and supply a list of publishers where you can access a large range of courses for your organisation to use.


For more information about this essential process and set of tools check out the help pages in the dita Platform.


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