AGGA National Safety Award is winner for 2016 goes to:

Queensland Glass Pty Ltd. for the Armour Safety Programme.

Following a number of serious injuries in their operations, Queensland Glass recognised that most were musculoskeletal in nature. This is with an emphasis on injuries due to heavy lifting and awkward body positioning.  After an investigation, there was an establishment that the manual-handling training from external training organisations were scarce. This is in regards to the specific tasks their workers were performing.

Queensland Glass engaged a musculoskeletal specialist to design a targeted training program and deliver it to their workforce.  A DVD incorporates critical manual handling techniques, to assist with how to retrain existing workers and induction of new employees.

Concurrently, there is now an App for Smart devices that enable all necessary safety and quality documentation in real time.  All documentation, such as SWMS, Pre-starts, Toolbox meetings, Site Inspections, Incident reports & Investigations, can be managed via this App.

An online training program also has content such as:

  • inductions
  • manual-handling training for all staff
  • notifications of pending training
  • records of past training
  • performance reviews

This program also allows Queensland Glass to induct and prequalify subcontractors.

Implementation of this system has seen Queensland Glass reduce it’s number of serious injuries to zero over 12 months. The Safety Management System which incorporates into the company’s Integrated Management System has a certification of AS/NZS 4801.

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