Laurie Lawrence has always had a passion to lift the standard of teaching. Not just in his own swim schools but at all swim schools across Australia and the world. How can he achieve this goal? Traditionally, he would need an army of instructors that he could personally train using his methodology. They would then in turn need to run seminars around the world. The dream seemed unreachable without unlimited funds and a team of administrators to orchestrate it. That is until he met the team from dita Solutions.

In today’s world, we have tools at our fingertips that can assist Laurie Lawrence in making his passion come true. After developing his online training module, he has now started his journey into accomplishing his dream by training staff worldwide. Laurie Lawrence now has the most comprehensive learn to swim resources in the world. In addition, he is ready to take it globally through his own network of contacts, allowing his training methodology to be mobile worldwide.


For businesses to be successful, they need well trained staff with the ability to pass their knowledge to their clients. In Laurie’s dream, the staff are the product. So, for that product to be as he sees it, they need to follow his methodology. With traditional training, this methodology can become watered down as the staff recall their training. In addition, even that training can be watered down if it’s not Laurie delivering it himself. For staff to maintain their knowledge, they require constant professional development and resources at their fingertips.

HR Resources

Superior HR Resources are vital for maintaining the highest quality of education and training. This is required to give our business the edge when it comes to the process of training staff. For staff to stay at the top of their game, Laurie knows they required training consistent with the rest of the team, and the information needed to be constant, protecting the methodology from being diluted as a result of passing it through multiple hands. dita Solutions gives Laurie all the tools he requires to ensure each Swim School has the HR Resources required to have every staff member trained in exactly the same methodology and to be able to access this training anywhere at any time.


At some stage, each of us had tuned out in the middle of instructions. This is where traditional methods can leave little holes or gaps in the staffs’ knowledge and understanding. This is why it’s imperative to have the right training system in place for your organisation as a HR tool to train your staff. Laurie chose dita, as it gives the HR Managers, Trainers and staff easy to use interfaces. They are accessible anywhere and at any time, which allows your system to be completely mobile. With dita being a cloud-based solution, Laurie and his staff can gain access to all their training modules. This is without any need for IT staff, programmers, web developers and data usage on-sellers. dita offers the easiest and most user-friendly solutions, allowing Laurie to concentrate on his dream rather than the mechanism to bring it all together and deliver it.

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