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Last Updated: July 27, 2023

One of the greatest downfalls of a successful training system is the inability to be able to do instant updating. This can be without the need to involve other stakeholders. Legislation and workforce compliancy is an ever-evolving proposition. Therefore, it’s crucial you’re able to issue relevant changes easily, including updates, additions and removals, all within a single platform. You shouldn’t be reliant on other stakeholders as this eventually leads to an out of date matrix and offering. Therefore a system that only offers superficial solutions.

It’s essential that your learning platform is always up to date. Keep the information on offer to staff up to date and relevant to current legislation and company standards. This is more efficient than dealing with multiple third parties to make simple updates. Have a platform that allows the personnel to stay in charge of keeping the content up to date. This is the only way to ensure you are offering the correct information.

The person responsible should simply log into the platform, make the relevant changes and update the content. This is the only way for a learning platform to be truly capable of keeping learning materials up to date. By allowing the ability to make quick changes to help efficiently address the very latest legislative and company standards. When you send training material off to a third party, and then involve other third parties to update the catalogue, it is simply a system which is outdated and inefficient.

In conclusion, your learning platform needs to be a turnkey solution that allows for instant updating of material. This ensures your organisation is not delivering potentially damaging or outdated information to its staff members.

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