Most employers are unaware of their requirements to train staff in Fire & Evacuation plans and procedures.

As of January 1 2014, it is a requirement for employers to ensure that all staff are trained in the evacuation procedures for their workplace.

These plans and procedures must be refreshed every year and new staff must be trained about the evacuation within 2 days of their commencement date.

Not complying can lead to unwanted fines. Corresponding signage, plans and diagrams must be clearly visible and easily interpreted for staff and onsite visitors.

If at any time Fire & Rescue Service visit a business and they’re unable to produce an evacuation plan or proof of staff training, they will be issued with a fine.

It is necessary for each business to also nominate a staff member who is the designated Fire Warden. The Fire Warden should be fully aware of all Fire and Evacuation procedures within the workplace.

You can read more about the fines that apply for non-complying here: Fire and Evacuation Fines

To comply straight away CLICK HERE

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