Digital transformation gets defined as the process of technology integration into the daily operations of a business. This technology integration leads to changes in employee teamwork, business operations, and the delivery of value to customers. Due to these changes, we’ve outlined some digital transformation storytelling tips, which can be the best way to present transformation ideas.

Everyone loves a good story because they possess the ability to grab our attention like no other typical presentation. Therefore, using stories to explain your transformation initiative engages with your listeners. These stories will also allow your listeners to process the change that comes about due to the transformation.

Types of Digital Transformation Stories

According to a book by Gabrielle Dolan (Stories of Work), there are four kinds of stories. These are;

  • triumph
  • tension
  • transition
  • tragedy

You are required to use each of these stories to engage your stakeholders and increase the chance of transformation. Dolan also stresses the importance of understanding why storytelling grabs attention and helps you get your message across, which, in turn, infuses your stories with the personal to highlight your vision and values.

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Digital Transformation Storytelling Tips

To present your transformation ideas effectively, the stories you use need to be engaging. Coming up with such stories requires you to understand particular storytelling tips. Below is an overview of the storytelling tips to use when presenting your transformation ideas.

  1. Dolan suggests that the first tip for telling convincing stories is to create a story inventory and categorize it within the four types of stories. She argues that this tip will help you have the narratives at your fingertips, which allows you to use your stories to influence the stakeholders. Therefore, the next time you have a transformation idea, think about how you can weave convincing stories into your presentation.
  2. The second storytelling tip is that you should use simple and relative stories. For example, when making your presentation narrate a story about your reaction during the first day at a new job. Describe how you were excited and petrified at the same time, due to fear that you would mess something up. Support the transformation ideas by relating this story to how employee teamwork might feel about taking up new roles.

Digitial Transformation Storytelling Tips Results

To make your presentation more effective, Dolan suggests that you should tell stories that showcase the benefits that will come about due to the transformation. For example, you might narrate a story about how a store you visit shifted a product like your preferred shampoo brand. Describe how they moved the product from the other side of the store and brought it closer to the counter.

Elaborate how this action made it easier and quicker for you to access the product. Relate this story to the benefits that customers will enjoy if employees put teamwork into implementing your transformation initiative. Therefore, using such stories will make the stakeholders consider your ideas when making their decision.

Digital Business Solutions

With the help of all of these tips, it’s easy to see how storytelling can have a big impact on your integration into digital transformation. Businesses nowadays are taking the step from manual data processing, training, etc. into automated processes with the help of business solutions. dita Solutions can help, with our learning software, automatic visitor platforms and cloud-based solutions for document storage.

For more information on how you can integrate your business with automated, cloud-based solutions, contact us here.

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