Does one shoe fit all? The simple answer to this is simply, No! Just like every person on this planet, every organisation is an individual and within every organisation there are many individuals. So, it is possible for a good platform to have some generic reporting functionality’s in place to assist users with focused reporting through standardisation. But there is also an essential need for customisable reporting.

Training Processes

There is usually a requirement for training facilitators to address their team on training progress and competencies. To help make this effective, each administrator/facilitator of the training platform needs to be able to create relevant customisable reporting. For instance, team leaders can have a report which lists any staff who are not up-to-date with their training. The system also needs to offer instant emailing functionality via the customised reporting function to allow instant and effective communication.

Varied Functionality for Customisable Reporting

It’s an expectation that learning platforms offer customised reporting and a varied functionality once the report is been created. This includes content such as:

  1. Printable reports to take into meetings or deliver to other parties
  2. Export to CSV file so you can manipulate the data to create new reports, add to other data or be in a format that you can import to other platforms.
  3. Manipulate the scope which allows you to determine multiple variances from the outcome of the report, such as:
    1. adjusting the subject of the reports i.e. by individual, group or entity
    2. selection of the content in the report i.e. by choosing individual training elements and/or combining them with other training elements
    3. date parameters i.e. by determining the range in which we want to report
    4. compliance filters i.e. being able to draw the report on the selections’ compliance or non-compliant.
    5. name of the customised report can be of use on multiple occasions
    6. multiple export functions i.e. once a report has been created, the ability to view and download in various ways including CSV files so data can be manipulated further and imported into other systems

In essence, customisable reporting allows dynamic and versatile management of your staffs training pathways. This includes essential information pertaining to their level of compliance.

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