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Last Updated: July 27, 2023

dita dedicates resources to online training, however this is not the only type of training you can recognise dita for. Everybody absorbs information in different ways. That’s precisely why the team at dita Solutions believe structured blended learning plans are critical. This ensures the highest possible pass rate is achievable.

Blended learning consists of a number of different delivery methods for training. For example, whether that’s face-to-face, online, hands-on practice or from reading a manual. Everyone is different and each person will find one method more effective than the other; this is why dita believes it’s important to incorporate physical training activities with online training through the dita platform.

Blended Learning

The use of communication and information technologies shows to improve how students understand and attitude towards learning. Blended learning assists with increasing students understanding. In addition, it gives teachers and students both qualitative and quantitative insights into their progress throughout the duration of the course. Incorporating these learning aids into courses that require physical assessments can assist with students progressing at a rate faster than first anticipated. Assessments are deliverable using the online training devices. Overall, students can see at a glance the areas they may need to improve.

dita supplies the added advantage of having an online platform accessible on just about any device with an internet connection. This can be a tablet, a laptop or even a smart phone; giving students and assessor’s real-time results.

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