In the world of COVID-19, everyone and every business in some way have been affected. We have seen the likes of Zoom and other online businesses continue to increase their market value. While others like Virgin Australia moving into voluntary administration. We look at the challenges we have faced during this time, as well as the triumphs we’ve experienced during the pandemic. As a business, we have learnt 3 keys things from COVID-19

1. Business as usual is not really business as usual

As a business, you wish to keep things as normal as possible. But the truth is, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and play, wish in turn, changes business.

Working from home has been a challenge for people for many different reasons, such as;

  • Poor internet access
  • Not having the right type of work set up or even a desk
  • Assisting in schooling their children takes up time
  • The isolation and the uncertainty of the pandemic has affected mental health
  • Or simply that they thrive in the comradery of the office environment.

Acknowledging and understanding these factors is the first step to embracing the new working normal. As well as getting business back to ‘business as usual’. From there, working together as a team will help the business thrive.

2. The more you look after your staff, the more they will look after you

Every team member’s experience during COVID-19 is different. There is no ‘one size fits all’ response to a global pandemic. In turn, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to looking after your staff.

Open and clear communication with staff has been so important in easing any concerns. Especially in any uncertainty they may have in regards to business operations during COVID-19. But, more importantly, it allows us as a business to understand how they are feeling, what’s going on with them at home and in their day to day. This lets us work together as a team to overcome any key challenges they’re having. We can also implement solutions for things they are getting bogged down in.

Our team is amazing (we’ve always known that). But the way in which they have come together to work creatively and thinking outside of the box during COVID-19 is something of champions.

3. Online has never been more important

At dita Solutions, we have always known and embraced the power of online and the cloud. But, during COVID-19, it has never been more apparent to us that we have been on the right track with our online solutions. This is from dita, as well as the cloud solutions we had adopted prior to the pandemic.

As we look to develop our product suite further and incorporate new enhancements within the dita Platform, you will see a continued focus on building solid online solutions for your teams.

  • The ability for you to sell your dita content in an online catalogue by integrating Stripe Payments
  • Incorporating Zoom into our dita Learning Solution to give you the opportunity to run webinars where face to face training isn’t available.
  • Ensuring your businesses can keep track of who’s entering your sites and ensuing they’re acknowledging your business safety requirements with the launch of dita Visitor app.

Every business would have their key challenges during this period, but what we have learned here at dita Solutions when overcoming these will positively impact us as a business, which will in turn make our business better for you, our clients.

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