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Laurie Lawrence (worldwideswimschool.com.au)


Hi, my name is Laurie Lawrence and I have made the world’s first and finest online swim school! World Wide Swim School is an interactive, educational and innovative website. Parents and swimming teachers alike can gain knowledge and information on how to teach swimming to children and adults of all ages.

dita Solutions and the World Wide Web has given me the opportunity to share over 40 years of successful swim teaching techniques. I have taken swimmers from raw beginners to become Olympians and Olympic Medalists. These lessons educate parents on successful swim teaching techniques used to teach babies and children to swim. They also provide a quality resource for swimming teachers. This contributes to improving the quality of swim teaching around the world.

dita Solutions and World Wide Swim School

I would not have been able to offer this information without the use of dita. They have allowed me to demonstrate to the world my information in my words with clear visual demonstration. I have found dita extremely easy to use, especially for compiling my information. Also for the easy style of navigation through my online lessons. The beauty of dita is that I’ve been able to add additional lessons as I’ve finished them. I’m still growing my catalogue today and will continue to do so into the future.

Coaching Achievements

I’m a former Australian Rugby Union Representative and Olympic and World Champion Gold Medal Swim Coach. Throughout my coaching achievements and communication skills, the Australian Olympic Committee made me an integral part of the Australian team at the Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, 2008 Beijing and London 2012 Olympic Games. I was part of the Australian Olympic team with the brief to unite, inspire, motivate and relax the entire team.

High Standards

Throughout my life I have set myself the highest standards because I believe in helping people achieve their potential. With dita, I’ve been able to stay out in front of the competition. I also deliver quality instruction for everyone to access, anywhere in the world. dita has allowed me to build the perfect lessons and deliver them exactly the same way to anyone in the world. With dita Creator, I’m able to make changes to my own information and post to them when I’m ready. The dita Manager also allows me to keep track of all my clients and easily check on their progress.

I would like to thank dita Solutions for assisting me to stay ahead of the rest of the world in delivering quality instruction in an innovative and easy to use format.

Yours truly,
Laurie Lawrence

To find out more about World Wide Swim School, click here.

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