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We use dita Solutions throughout AUSTSWIM because we are guaranteed that the results we plan to achieve are measurable. They can also be organised and managed from a central location.

With such great success throughout our swim schools, we wanted to give other swim schools and teachers the chance to embrace our program. As well as achieve the results we had become accustomed to ever since implementing the dita Solutions platform into our swim school.

In conjunction with dita Solutions, we gave swim schools a free 90-Day trial of dita Manager, dita Player and dita Creator. This allows them to manage their staff from a central location and view the desired content through an online player. Individuals and groups have modules to complete, which includes a range of assessments at the end of each module.

The feedback we received from all the swim schools was astonishing. It was overwhelming by how clear the teaching standards and techniques were present throughout the modules. In addition, how much individuals’ teaching methods and knowledge improved dramatically. The operators of the swim schools found that managing their staff was much easier than anticipated. With dita Manager consolidating all the data in the background, this makes it possible for them to track the progress of each individual from the simple interface.

I have no hesitation in recommending dita Solutions for any online learning requirements. The feedback from the Proprietors of our affiliated swim schools has been outstanding. We have all found it so simple to use.
I hope you find the dita Solutions suite of products as effective in your business as we did.

Kindest regards,

Gordon Mallet | CEO AUSTSWIM

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