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Diversify your product offering and expand your reach to a wider audience with our Industry Packages, designed to get you easily started as a reseller and generating revenue. 

Get Started as a Reseller

We believe that knowledge is power, and our goal is to empower businesses by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. 

We offer a wide variety of online training packages that businesses can use to expand their product offering and provide value to their clients.

Increase Your Reveneue

With our industry packages, organisations can resell online training content to expand their brand - and increase their revenue.

Tailored to Your Industry

With our wide range of industry packages, you can find the perfect one for your organisation, allowing you to build deeper relationships with your industry clients. 

Expand Your Product Offering

Diversifying your product offering with industry specific online training modules can also open up new markets for your business.

Personalised Solution

Your clients and their users can retrieve the products and solutions they've purchased, view their reports and manage their user access.  

Invest in an online training solution that will benefit your clients

Build deeper relationships with your customers by providing them with valuable resources and support. By boosting your business through product diversification, you're sure to make an impact on the market while providing necessary educational resources to those who need it most.

Our Industry Packages

Businesses should have the ability to offer their clients value with a comprehensive suite of products and services - and our expertly designed content packages provide an easy way for businesses to do just that.