Udemy for Business has released its 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report. The report details training courses that have seen a surge in demand and show a significant increase in upskilling yearly. According to the data gathered by Udemy, this is mostly driving by the growing numbers of organisations identifying skills gaps within their business. This also includes recognising their responsibility to close the gap.

Evaluating and creating a culture of workplace learning within your organisations is a key best practice and initiative for keeping ahead of the trends for 2021.

The six training trends that will define the workplace in 2021 are:

1 – Self-Mastery

2 – Remote Collaboration

3 – Data Literacy

4 – Automation

5 – Hybrid Tech Roles

6 – Cyber Security Urgency

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The top trend listed focuses on skills to assist “self-mastery”, with string productivity and mental health skills being crucial across an entire organisation, not just within a leadership team. Courses such as Anxiety management, resilience training, stress management each saw more than a 1,000% increase, with meditation and mindfulness training increasing by 886% and 784%.

Remote Collaboration

The report also details the importance of collaboration, particularly in a remote work setting. In the last year, courses relating to collaboration such as listening skills, business communication, business writing, and business etiquette increased.

Data literacy

The third trend listed details the importance of data literacy in the modern workforce with Udemy stating that “data literacy is the new computer literacy.” Those who can interpret data, draw insights, and who can also communicate those insights to stakeholders will be invaluable to their organisation – with this skill becoming a default skill set required for any employee.


Digital transformation has accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic. Above all, courses to enhance automation skills have also increased in the last year, as detailed in the report. Business Automation and reducing the bottlenecks and manual daily tasks performed results is a priority for businesses. Therefore, companies must provide employees with training in the automation practices adopted by their competition.

Hybrid Tech Roles

The report provides data illustrating ways organisations are embracing agile project management. This includes upskilling team members to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects associated with their role. For example, IT specialists are mastering cloud computing platforms and infrastructure, moving beyond the help centre or security specialisations.


It is understandable that Cybersecurity also makes the list, with attacks increasing during the coronavirus pandemic. With the switch to remote and working from home, training topics including “information, network, wireless, and web security saw notable growth” as members of IT departments helped businesses structure “a safe remote workforce

Link to online training course for Cyber Security

2021 is well underway and businesses are getting even more competitive to capture consumer attention in the new normal. Learning and Development teams need to be a step ahead to ensure a future-ready workforce and support change initiatives across your whole organisation.

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