Using SVG in Online Learning

Great News! As always, the team at dita Solutions has been working hard to bring you the latest functionality and updates to the system to make your day to day that little bit easier. With ongoing developments in Online Learning, we’ve bought SVG capability to dita Creator. In this blog, you'll learn more about the benefits of SVG in Online Learning. 

The Benefits of Using SVG:

With the increasing popularity of working from home and working on the go, there's no one set standard of device our clients are using for their internal staff and customers. With SVG;

  • Images are scalable
  • Those images are always crisp with no quality loss
  • The images can load faster due to the makeup of the file

This Blog

Online Learning has grown in popularity, especially with COVID-19 forcing many training event online. In this blog, we'll be covering the following items:

  1. 1
    The Benefits of Using SVG Files in Online Learning
  2. 2
    How to Create SVG files in Canva, PowerPoint and Google Slides
  3. 3
    Utilising the SVGs in dita Creator

Getting Started 

with SVG

Creating SVGs for Online Learning 

Luckily, there are loads of free resources and programs available that allow you to create SVGs for free, that can then be utilise in your online learning projects. Let’s take a look at three main tools:

  • Canva: Use beautiful templates and stock images to create engaging slides in Canva
  • PowerPoint: Transform your existing PowerPoint decks into usable training content 
  • Google Slides: Create content on the go utilising the free access to Google Slides 


Creating SVGs in Canva

Canva has free versions, or paid versions, however, regardless of the version, you are able to utilize some really beautiful templates, stock images, and graphics to create really engaging slides within Canva.

Key points to note when using Canva for SVG:

  • Unlimited Creativity: Canva is full of beautiful templates and images to allow you to create something unique
  • Canva Doesn't Compress SVG: When exporting in SVG, Canva doesn't automatically compress your file.
  • Resizing will be Required: You'll need to resize your design to 16 x 9 cm to ensure it's the perfect size


Creating SVGs in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a great  tool for creating SVGs for online learning as most people already have their presentations in PowerPoint. Therefore, it's really easy for you to then be able to go through and utilize your existing resources. You won't need to do anything except for check that they're built in the right ratio aspect.

Key points to note when using PowerPoint for SVG:

  • Use Your Existing Resources: Most companies already have their training build in PowerPoint presentations.
  • It'll Automatically Compress: When exporting in SVG, PowerPoint will automatically compress your file.
  • Check the Sizing: By default, newer versions of PP are set in 16:9 aspect ratio - but it's good practice to check.


Creating SVG in Google Slides:

Google slides is a free tool for anyone that's got Google, which is good for people who don't have PowerPoint or Canva. You will still be able to create some great looking content using Google slides.

Key points to note when using Google Slides for SVG:

  • Multiple URLs: Google Slides allows you to export in SVG with multiple hyperlinks embedded in the file
  • It'll Automatically Compress: When exporting in SVG, Google will automatically compress your file.
  • Check the Sizing: By default, Google Slides are set in 16:9 aspect ratio - but it's good practice to check.

Using SVGs in dita Creator

Now that we've gone through the benefits of using SVG and how to create them for your online learning projects, let's go through the process of adding your newly created SVGs into a modules in dita creator. And it's never been easier to use these sort of files and create modules.

Creating your online learning modules can be completed in four steps:

  • 1 - Upload SVG file
  • 2 - Add an audio file
  • 3 - Insert a Hyperlink
  • 4 - Preview the page
  • Watch the video

    See how easy it is to use SVG in dita Creator to creator dynamic and interactive online learning modules for your students, staff & members

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