Is there a form for that?

Did you submit the form?

Do you know where I can find that form?

We can guarantee you’ve heard one of these questions at least once today! Electronic Form

Companies have forms for EVERYTHING! And depending on the industry, the forms that are filled out daily can seem never ending. As a result of this, it's understandable that as businesses are looking to streamline their process and move to digital solutions, one of the first areas to transition are forms.

Benefits of Moving to Electronic Forms

It makes sense – moving away from paper-based and manual process will no doubt save your organisation time and money. Therefore, let’s at a closer look at how electronic forms can transform your business.


Quick Access

Moving your form processes to an online, cloud-based solution means your forms are always accessible because they are on hand for quick completion. Therefore, you can collect the information which you submit in the form immediately and it will be available to process or analyse.

Imagine how your business would operate if your forms were able to:

  • Complete and approve with multiple sign-offs because there is no need for printing
  • Store and locate in one central online location and won’t get lost on someone’s desk or desktop
  • Trigger automatic notifications whenever someone needs to sight, sign or approve the form


Cost Reductions

This one seems pretty self-explanatory. Moving to electronic forms obviously means less paper, which means no printing, which means no ink or toner. These factors obviously provide your business with ongoing savings.

Some expenses you may not factor into your cost analysis are the costs associated with non-compliance in your business and industry, for example. The compliance requirements for some industries are complex and non-compliance can result in fines, having licenses canceled, and in some cases, criminal liability. 


Improved Compliance with Electronic Forms

When it comes to proving compliance to regulators, your compliance management processes need to answer questions such as:

  • Can you easily retrieve your compliance records?
  • Are your compliance records up to date?
  • Do your documents facilitate regulatory compliance within your industry?

In addition to easy access, electronic forms can provide your organisation with an audit trail, so you know exactly where the form is at in the completion process, who has completed and approved the form, and any compliance evidence for your organisation can be stored against the form submission.


Quality Assurance with Electronic Forms

Quality Assurance (QA) in a business has a focus on processes and preventing quality issues. As a result, businesses are looking for ways to record these processes efficiently.

The process of quality assurance includes activities such as:

  • Audits
  • Training
  • Investigation and inspection
  • Document Management


Automating Workflows

Press submit or approved on your electronic form and have your system kick off an automatic action based on conditions within your business workflow. Electronic forms can generate a new form, send a notification, process a report, or assign compliance or training. Electronic forms can act as a trigger to start an automation process in your business.  

Digital Transformation & Electronic Forms

Digital transformation means businesses of all sizes can work more efficiently, productively, and flexibly. Electronic forms should play an integral part of your business’s digital transformation strategy.

Electronic forms don’t receive as much fanfare as other solutions in the digital transformation space. They have been changing the way in which organisations across the world conduct their business operations.

Are you ready to get started?

dita Solutions makes the transition from paper forms to digital hassle-free and painless.  Streamline your business processes with dita Forms by booking your obligation free live demonstration.

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