Going paperless in your workplace involves very simple and easy to follow steps. Therefore, your workplace will benefit almost immediately, and your workflow will improve. For instance, dita Solutions has already helped many businesses with becoming paperless businesses. In automated workplaces, we have outlined the many benefits of a paperless workplace.

Paper Use in Australia

Did you know that on average, each Australian uses 230kg of paper each year? Worldwide, that adds up to more than 300 million tons of paper. And of this, we waste around 50%. Unfortunately, this adds up – a 500 sheet ream of paper costs around $5, so that totals $352,941,176 per year that is spent on paper. That’s a lot of paper!

When you add the costs of printing, filing, storing and maintaining those files of information, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking for a way to move from a paperless to a digital environment, which in turn would increase the benefits of a paperless workplace.

Increased Efficiency is a Benefit of a Paperless Workplace

Streamlining and automating the manual tasks your staff would normally perform increases efficiency in your workplace. Therefore, finding a solution that’s easy to use, and easy to implement, will make your day-to-day procedures quicker and easier. Think about the processes you’re currently using paper for and how long each task takes to complete, for example.

  • Is your workplace filling out forms on paper?
  • How do you complete your checklists?
  • How do new employees access their Employee Handbooks?
  • Where can you find your company policies?
  • How do you perform when workplace audits arise?
  • What’s the process when visitors come to your business?
  • How do you report on all these processes?

Now, image these processes without paper. You can complete many of these processes and tasks in a cloud-based platform so you can automate many steps and store the information in one location.

Digitally automating day-to-day tasks frees up staff’s time to focus on the more important things. Remotely access your information when you are not physically in the office or a workplace – anywhere, anytime so long as you have an internet connection.

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Reduction in Costs

Want to know how to win the fight on war with paper, print, and storage with automation and being digitally based? With a cloud-based system, you have the added benefit of storing all your information in the cloud. Above all, you can reduce your printing costs with everything stored in one system. You can also reduce the costs of physical storage of forms, documents, and audits. Another benefit is that it reduces time spent on administration, as fewer hours are spent to file, manual hand, and locate information.

The compliance requirements for some documents are complex and having no compliance can result in fines, cancellation of licenses, and in some cases, criminal liability. Creating, managing, and version controlling and storing these documents can be done within an online system, significantly reducing the risk of liability costs for any lost confidential or private information.

Increased Security as an Added Benefit

You can easily throw paper out, misplace it, or it can find its way into the wrong hands. Keeping this information stored digitally ensures the highest level of security for your business.

  • You can check your staff and contractor’s real-time compliance, ensuring workplace and employee safety at all times,
  • Set-up notifications of any non-compliance.
  • Set permissions and hierarchy to ensure only the people with the correct clearance can see confidential information.
  • Metadata is collected each time you have access to the documents and stored in the system, providing an audit trail.
  • All information is securely stored in the cloud, which provides backup and disaster recovery for all your data.
Link to online training course for Cyber Security

Simpler and Quicker Reporting

Tracking and maintaining compliance records is essential to your business’s ongoing success. When moving to a cloud-based solution, reporting on these requirements is just a click away.

You can store all information digitally in the cloud. You have access to any reporting information, which means less time sorting through paper to pull key metrics for reporting. Reports will automatically deliver directly to your inbox at a time that suits you and your business.

Digitally Transforming your Workplace

Keeping the above in mind, it’s essential to look at certain areas of your business to digitally transform your workplace. These include:

  • What is your current process?
  • What are the Bottlenecks?
  • How do you view your Goals?
  • Map new Workflows
  • Continued improvement

Once you establish this, your business can move away from paper and take a step towards digital transformation. The benefits of a paperless workplace will save you time, costs and an increase in efficiency and security.

dita Solutions is a cloud-based software agency, and we have a range of solutions including learning software, automatic visitor platforms and cloud-based solutions for document storage. Our dedication is to help your business implement these solutions, which automate your day-to-day procedures and free up your time for other tasks.

link to policy implementation training

For more information on how you can integrate your business with automated, cloud-based solutions, contact us here. Alternatively, to get a better idea of our platform, we welcome you to book a free live demo here.

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