A recent article published on Thursday 7th November 2019 by The Australian Institute of Health and Safety (AIHS) is encouraging businesses to embrace technology to improve WHS outcomes and build a good safety ethos.

“There are a number of new and emerging solutions for companies in the WHS space,” says the AIHS. “The first step is to move away from paper reporting/forms in the business. And realise the value that you can derive from the data in real-time when brought together on a cloud platform.”

Whether your business is an expert in consumer products, technology, medical equipment and furnishings, machinery, or building and trade. It’s important your staff are on-boarded and trained in compliance and health and safety.

It can be daunting taking the first step to integrate WHS systems into your company’s processes. We answer the five most common questions businesses ask us when looking for a system that can overcome the challenges they face with Onboarding and building a culture of Safety and Compliance.

Q1. How does a system cater for all areas required for Onboarding to ensure safety and compliance standards are met?

A: Every business and industry have its own unique set of requirements when working to achieve their compliance obligations. A system needs to cater to these different sets of circumstances and a good system needs to be able to:

  • Accommodate for different environments and locations – be available online anywhere, at any time that suits you and your staff.
  • Understand the need for face-to-face training and have the ability to schedule and report on this training.
  • Provide the tools to record required competencies and compliance for all people associated with the business such as licences, industry certificates, and insurances.
  • Houses bespoke forms and library of resources that are accessible anywhere at any time
  • Automates reporting and notifies of any non-compliance within your business

Q2. Can I create specific onboarding training and onboarding requirements suitable for my staff in all departments?

A: Let’s face it, not everyone in your business requires the same training when onboarding. For example, an accounts team member will require different compliance training to a delivery driver. 

A system should automatically allocate specific onboarding, compliance and safety to specific staff within your business. This is based on position, location, and/or their team etc. Automatic reporting keeps team leaders, managers and supervisors up to date with all their team’s compliance and training requirements in advance. It notifies you of anyone who is non-compliant. 

Q3. My business outsources work to subcontractors. How can I best ensure my company’s contractors are up-to-date on Workplace Health & Safety?

A: In these circumstances, when you find a system, which also has a contractor management solution, that you can integrate into your overall solution, will work best for your business.

A good contractor management system caters not only for the contractor but for their employees. The benefits of having this built into your overall solution are:

  • Contractor Pre-qualification & Contractor Employee Induction is automated through an online contractor portal
  • Easily upload, sight and sign off on required competencies, licences and certificates – saving time for both yourself and your contractors
  • Safely store signed documentation and sighted competencies and licences on the cloud, giving access to this information anywhere at any time – making audits quick and hassle-free.
  • Avoid non-compliance by receiving automatic reminders when a contractor’s compliance renewals are due.

Q4. What happens when there are changes to WH&S legislation?

A: The importance of having a cloud-based solution over a paper-based one shows in these circumstances. Whenever there is a change in WH&S legislation, a system must allow you to easily and quickly update your current forms, resources and compliance modules and push them out to your staff and contractors.

Q5. How can I find out if dita Solutions is the best choice for my company?

A: dita offers a range of solutions tailored to your business and the pain points you are looking to overcome. We work with you to build a solution to overcome these pain points or bottlenecks in your business.

We offer an obligation-free demonstration of our solutions as well as a trial period, so you can see before you commit just how dita Solutions can work for you.

To see how dita Solutions can help build a culture of Safety and Compliance with successful on-boardingbook a live demo today.

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