Online Training for the Aged Care Industry

Expand your reach and services to your clients in the aged care industry with the Community Care Tool Kit. Designed for best practice techniques and hands-on training to help provide better care for residents.

How it Works

Expand your current offering in the Aged Care Industry with expert training bundles for your clients.

This catalog of 30+ online training modules are designed specifically for aged care providers who are looking to provide better care for their residents and give them the tools they need to live healthy and happy lives. 

Real-life Insights

Our 30+ Online Training Modules provide your clients with real-life insights into the aged-care industry.

Interactive Assessments

Knowledge checks and assessments are interactive and immersive to ensure the knowledge sticks. 

Certified Expert Training

With knowledge sharing from current industry professionals to ensure content is relevant and current.

Key Benefits 

Increase your Revenue

Take your brand to the next level! Reach a new audience, generate more revenue with an Aged Care Training offering to your clients.

Mobile Ready

The system is mobile ready, allowing your clients and their staff to access their training and services from any device.

Easy Client Management

Manage and access your client's portal and permissions with ease – all from your system's login. 

Personalised Solution

Your clients and their users can retrieve the products and solutions they've purchased, view their reports and manage their user access. 

Training Included

Provide your clients with a comprehensive series of online training modules specifically for aged care providers. These modules are designed to empower providers to operate best in field facilities and provide better all-round care for their residents.

Administering Medication

These modules will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to administer medication in an aged care setting.

Advanced Care Planning

Designed to support aged care providers with information and resources on advanced care planning and end of life care.

Approaches to Professional Practice

Training to support aged care professionals in enhancing their personal care practice.

Dementia Care

3 online learning resources designed to support aged care providers in delivering high-quality care to people living with dementia..

Falls Prevention

Falls are a leading cause of injury and hospitalisation for older Australians. understand what causes falls, how to assess someone’s risk of falling and what you can do to create a falls prevention plan.

Mental Health

Online learning module designed to help aged care providers improve their mental health knowledge and skills for their residences.

Positive Interactions

Create an environment that promotes positive interactions and respectful relations between residents, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Supporting and Providing Personal Care

Prepares aged care providers with all the information they need to support and provide personal care to their clients.

Supporting Older People at End of Life

Key information and training on end of life care, covering topics such as Advance Care Planning, Palliative Care and Bereavement Support.

Working with Diverse People

The aged care industry provides services to a broad range of clients from different cultures and backgrounds. Explore ways in which service providers can work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

Writing Reports

In aged care, writing reports is a daily necessity whether documenting an incident, changes in a resident's condition or progress towards goals.

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Community Care Tool Kit

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