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In April 2015 dita Solutions expanded its platform to include a competency engine to its Leaner Management System. We realised that clients needed a platform that not only delivered online training and material, that now has a more holistic function which also tracks each user’s competencies.

These are set up to track users compliancy for an undefined range of varied competencies required for the different job descriptions within any organisation. While this function has been available in the dita Platform since April, it was only a function for administrators to use, to track and update each user’s competencies through the manager interface.

Dashboard Edit competency DetailsWith the release of the new dashboard on 4th January 2015, we have expanded the functions of the competency engine that now allows the user/staff member the ability to complete, upload documents to these competencies. All the while giving the administrator full control on how these functions are set up and interacted with the user. For instance, while the organisation may allow certain staff to complete competency details and upload documents against them, you can choose to have a requirement for this to be sighted and confirm by the administrator prior to the competency being compliant.

For Example – Certain staff for their job description are required to have a current drivers licence to perform their job legally. A driver licence competency can be set up with the ability for the staff member to complete the details of their licence and then upload a copy of their drivers licence into the system. If you choose the competency does not become compliant until it has been viewed by an administrator and marked as compliant.

As with other training requirements the competencies are set up with automated reminders for the system and tracking of any competencies that are approaching their compliancy date or overdue, so administrators can escalate the need for the appropriate documentation to be loaded into the system.

Dashboard upload competency DetailsAs documents can now be added to competencies set up by the administrator, this can be used for a number of other organisation functions. A competency can be sent to a group of users with a document attached, when directed the user can open and complete any details required, save and then upload against the competency for the administrator to view. The system will automate reminders and supply the administrator with reports on completed and outstanding competencies.

For more information about this essential process and set of tools check out the help pages in the dita Platform.


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