Online Inductions

Online Inductions

Induction registrationOne of our biggest requests was to have a specific induction facility as part of our platform.

Most organisation today have a requirement to induct persons entering their workplaces and have found that there is a disconnect between robust Leaner Management Systems like dita that include automated competency functions and learning pathways.

This joins the functionality of inducting external contractors, contractor’s employees and their own staff before they access various workplaces owned or leased by the organisation. While there are a number of pre-set registration templates for these groups the system allows you to add your own requirements for each one, so the induction process is fully automated.


Watch this video on the new Induction Engine

External Contractors

Contractor InductionAll organisations have external contractors entering their workplace for many reasons, whether it be for repairs and maintenance, outsourced labour or special projects. Before a contractor’s employee can be inducted you need a facility to register the contracting organisation. Information required but not limited to include the organisations legal name, address, ABN, insurances, trade certificates and SWMS. Once the contract organisation has been registered, then their employees are able to go through their own induction. All certifications are then tracked and automatic reminders are sent to the contractor organisation to ensure they are compliant with your organisation’s needs.


Contractor Employees

Contrctor Employee Induction registrationOnce a contract organisation has completed their registration, their employees can then remotely login to complete an induction to your organisation. This ties the two together and ensure that the contractor’s employees maintain their compliance to access areas operated by your organisation. Each organisation can set their own validity period for contractor employees and they will receive an automated induction certificate and card by email once compliant. This can be printed out or saved to a phone to present on access to any of your organisations sites.



Employee inductionAll organisations have different requirements on how they induct their own staff and while this is currently a function that is controlled through the management interface, now you can allow staff to go through a self-register induction. This gives each organisation the flexibility to choose how they will induct their own staff and once completed they will then receive automated requests to update certain certifications to ensure they maintain their compliance.

Our new Induction functionality allows organisation to combine a number of compliancy requirements into one system to alleviate multiple applications and functions being used and streamlining processes and productivity.


For more information about this essential process and set of tools check out the help pages in the dita Platform.



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