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With technology helping us to streamline our training compliance and professional development it has made us focus on these technologies separately from our traditional face to face training. Without a doubt online learning is an important addition to our overall training matrix, so we need to use platforms that will allow us to not only create online modules, course and resources but also be able to create traditional training events and be able to allocate, track and assess through the same system.

There are some elements of our training that can either be more effective or only performed in a traditional live training environment. We need to ensure that the platform that we use to build, track and maintain our organisations training matrix can also include the function of mapping the live events including;

  • Face to Face Training
  • Seminars
  • One on one meetings
  • Skype meetings
  • Webinars

All these types of training are important to enable the greatest outcomes and flexibility when we set up our systems to design and track compliancy and competency within our organisations.

A lot of live event training will come with printouts or booklets that may be required at the time of training or as a pre-requisite to doing the training. For these instances we need to ensure that we can attach these documents or links to the event so attendees can have access to this material and if need be or directed to do so print them out and have them with them.

As important as having the capability to allocate, track and report on live event type training as part of our training matrix, the process needs to easy to create and manage through the whole process and having this all in one platform assists you to maintain this process and have ease of use.

Below is an example of how easy it is to create the events ready for inclusion into the management interface and from there allocation to the users.

For more information about this essential process and set of tools check out the help pages in the dita Platform.


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