Online Training for the Early Childhood Education Industry

Expand your reach and services to your clients in the Early Childhood Education industry with the Little Learners Tool Kit. Designed for best practice techniques and hands-on training to help provide the best start for little learners.

How it Works

Expand your current offering in the Early Childhood Educations Industry with expert training bundles for your clients.

Little Learners Tool Kit is a comprehensive catalog of online training modules for childcare providers who are looking to provide industry best practice to the children in their care. 

Real-life Insights

Our 12+ Online Training Modules provide your clients with real-life insights into the childcare industry.

Interactive Assessments

Knowledge checks and assessments are interactive and immersive to ensure the knowledge sticks. 

Certified Expert Training

Developed by childcare professionals, with video content from operating early learning centres. 

Key Benefits 

Increase your Revenue

Take your brand to the next level! Reach a new audience, generate more revenue with an Child Care Training offering to your clients.

Mobile Ready

The system is mobile ready, allowing your clients and their staff to access their training and services from any device.

Easy Client Management

Manage and access your client's portal and permissions with ease – all from your system's login. 

Personalised Solution

Your clients and their users can retrieve the products and solutions they've purchased, view their reports and manage their user access. 

Training Included

Provide your clients with a comprehensive series of online training modules specifically for early childhood educators. These modules are designed to empower child care providers to operate best in field facilities and provide better all-round care for their little learners

caring for babies

Educators are required to provide high quality care to babies to ensure they are happy, healthy and have all their needs met.

communicating with families

A positive relationship between the parents (or other significant people who have a commitment to and responsibility for the child) and the educator is very important for the child and the family.

Culturally sensitive practice

To work successfully in a cross-cultural service, an educator must reflect on their own cultural values to understand how they influence thinking and actions to ensure culturally sensitive practice.

environmentally friendly play spaces

Establishing environmentally friendly play spaces for children provides them with a safer, sustainable environment and the opportunity to encourage curiosity and exploration of their world and how to make it a better place.

intentional teaching

Intentional teaching is thinking about what you, the educator and teacher, is doing and how it will foster children’s development and produce real and lasting learning.

learning through play

Educators need to know what play is, why it is important and how to implement and assess a play-based program and their role in it.

managing behaviour

Educators play an important role in supporting children to manage their own behaviour and guiding them to develop these skills.

nappy changing

Knowing how to change nappies is an expectation of an educator and it is important that you can follow safe and hygienic procedures when changing nappies.

positive mealtime environment

Babies and toddlers learn to eat by watching other people, so educators play an important role in fostering the formation of healthy eating habits and attitudes.

safe sleeping

A primary responsibility of your service is to provide a safe sleep and rest environment for babies, toddlers and children.

slips, trips and falls

A responsibility of your centre is to provide an environment for babies, toddlers, children and staff that is free of slips, trips and falls.

kitchen safety

A responsibility of your workplace is to provide a safe kitchen environment for staff.

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