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Courses have been a part of the dita platform for some time and while these have been used to join various online training programs (modules) and resources to assist in assigning training requirements for the various job roles within an organisation.

Courses now take on a whole new function as a container that allows the organisation to create training pathways and training matrix for all the job roles within the organisation and for external contractors and their employees.

Course to do list

Courses is just the name for the administrator to create their training matrix and now have the ability to contain not only online training programs, resources, but now include competencies and events. To truly make this function more flexible to the individual organisation and job role, each component can be set as a mandatory component or not. This allows you to create a training matrix for every job role in your organisation to track compliancy and at the same time be able to add additional components for the professional development of the staff member to continue the learning process and their own training pathway.

Dashboard LibraryThe training pathway can also be supported by the library function available in the user’s dashboard to make available additional professional development that sits outside the course being provided. This allows the organisation to create multiple training pathways for staff members that are currently in the same job role.

The course is the container that holds the individual components, once all mandatory components are completed the user will then be compliant with the organisations requirements. While the user may be compliant when first completed, the system will then automate the reminders for the individual components within the course as they are required to be re-done or input again. This fully automates the process to maintain a compliant workforce for your organisation and offers various types reporting for your auditing process.


For more information about this essential process and set of tools check out the help pages in the dita Platform.


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