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It is fantastic that we have the ability to streamline our training matrix and be able to deliver it through a variety of means to get the best outcome for our organisation. Essential to this process being a success we need the ability to set and forgot, well to some extent anyway!

One our the greatest training tools we can set up within our organisation is the ability to train our staff through online training modules, there are many aspects of our training matrix that can be delivered in this fashion and even traditional face to face training can be converted when the right outcomes are achieved, especially when we are talking about re-occurring compliance.

So you may have completed some training in a face to face environment and to remain compliant we need to schedule refreshers, so we can keep best practices front of mind and so we can also update staff with new standards and procedures. Wether you are a small or large organisation this can be a tricky and consuming task if we do not have the right tools at our finger tips. Also if you fail in this task you can become non compliant or worse fail a staff member leaving them exposed to injury or prosecution.

Remaining compliant can be an easy aspect of the training matrix, once you have developed your online training module to keep the staff compliant you only need a minute to set up an automated system that will allocate, track and send out reminders. This video explains how simple the set up of this process can be for your organisation to remain compliant.

As you can see this process is extremely easy to set up and not only does it look after future re-occurring training but also those staff that have been trained in these modules in the past. There are more instructions in the Help files in the Manager interface that will assist you further.


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