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Aspire Learning Resources – Microlearning

Aspire launches microlearning modules targeted at the childcare industry. Microlearning is a way of teaching and delivering content to learners in small, very specific bursts. They focus on one learning outcome at a time to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps plus aid retention. The modules have been developed by childcare professionals and all videos […]

Instant Updating

One of the greatest downfalls of a successful training system is the inability to be able to do instant updating without the need to involve other stakeholders. Legislation and workforce compliancy is an ever-evolving proposition, so it’s crucial you’re able to issue relevant changes easily, including updates, additions and removals, all within a single platform. […]

Library Management

An important component of a successful training matrix and the successful offering of professional development is the ability to manage a library of courses and skill-based training. Your platform should at least be able to offer library integration for access by individuals, groups and the organisations workforce as a whole. Library management helps you focus […]

Turnkey Solution

The success of any project is reliant upon the processes and systems that have been put in place and the ability to have them delivered in a consistent and ongoing fashion. You will inevitably end up with cracks appearing in your pathway when trying to juggle multiple platforms and associated processes to offer the one […]

Coach MG and a healthy workplace

If you are looking for the “fountain of youth” or want to reduce stress, improve productivity and team morale in the workplace, then you have come to the right place… Coach MG has put a different spin on health for both business and individuals by taking a RADICAL approach and cutting through all the noise […]

Professional Development

In addition to standard compliance training, it’s vital that organisations have specific professional development training available to its workforce. This has many benefits: It keeps staff up to date in their chosen field Allows them to expand their professional skills into different areas Maintains a pathway for personal and professional growth Promotes loyalty Builds a […]

Competency Mapping

Training pathways should always be started by mapping each staff member’s competencies. The mapping facility automates a complex and often overwhelming process that can fail if controlled by multiple training facilitators. Your organisation needs a platform that allows you flexibility to create your own competencies and will automate the mapping process to ensure each individual is […]

Customisable Reporting

Does one shoe fit all? The simple answer to this is simply, No! Just like every person on this planet, every organisation is an individual and within every organisation there are many individuals. So, while it is possible for a good platform to have some generic reporting functionality’s in place to assist users with focused […]

Superior Training Pathways

Just as important as being able to deliver staff compliancy training in a variety of formats via face to face, online courses and distribution of electronic resources, today you need to be able to offer complete training pathways for your staff to keep them on target to continue developing their professional skills. To achieve this, […]

Global LMS Growth

The second largest accountancy firm, Deloitte, recently conducted an analysis of the LMS market; anticipating it to grow at an astonishing rate over the next 12 months. Deloitte expects that spending on LMS will grow by 21% or close to $2.5 billion.   The report outlines that the market is growing rapidly in all geographic segments, […]