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The dita training solution seeks to provide a flexible HR environment in ways that meet the changing needs of employees. Research tends to indicate that ‘staff programs’ are designed to cater for a more diverse range of employees, employee styles, needs and interests than are normally catered for through conventional programs.

Flexible training, in the context of organisations and professional development, is concerned with the provision of a HR environment for employees that incorporate a variety of access opportunities as well as a variety of development modes. The expert shaping of HR environments within a particular program of knowledge optimises the opportunities of employees.

Self-paced Learning

Each individual is different and hence learns through different methods and at different speeds. When being taught training in face-to-face environments, staff members may be in a group with peers and find it embarrassing to ask questions in fear of looking slow or stupid. E-Learning with dita Solutions allows each user to stop, pause and go over information they do not understand before they can move through to the next module.

Mobility of Training

With staff members’ roles becoming more diverse and ever changing, it’s now a requirement to keep up in their fast-paced environment. Sending training off-site is now no longer an option for some businesses. dita Solutions training modules are all delivered online, and can be delivered anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection.

Easy Navigation

Online training can be a daunting task for some users, dita Solutions training is easy to navigate. Once training has begun, simple single click navigation is all that’s required to move back or forward through the training exercise. Users will find it challenging to make mistakes, with it not possible to move forward until completing the current lesson.

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