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dita Solutions offers companies the ability to consolidate all of their training requirements into one package, yet still maintain their own control and integrity. This one solution can be managed from one Head Office location if desired, or may even be deployed as separate units. The system is simply efficient, intuitive and a MUST for every business owner looking at reducing the huge ongoing costs of training and updating staff.



Costs of taking staff offline for face-to-face training:

The costs associated with taking staff and resources offline to conduct face-to-face training can amount to enormous overheads each year. These costs can be drastically minimised through the implementation of mobile training via e-Learning platforms.

Costs of in-house trainers running the course:

Registered training professionals or in-house trainers are required to deliver face-to-face training. One of the issues with this style of training is the lack of consistency between trainers and/or training sessions. E-Learning platforms can consolidate all management training to a central location and be managed to the extent that it provides ultimate consistency, minimizing the cost associated with resources and staff.

Costs of setting up and packing down a training room/location:

Alot of businesses do not offer training on site; this involves costs associated with hiring a training location and training equipment. E-Learning delivery via dita consolidates such training needs into a mobile package that can be conducted on any mobile device and consistent with the businesses training requirements.

Marking and processing all training results:

Marking, processing and filing results can be a timely process that can involve a the use of a huge amount of resources. Such resources can be consolidating into an automated process, one where the user cannot progress to the next module until they’ve passed a series of questions, automatically processing results in the background. This improves your bottom line, saving valuable dollars by not having to hire rooms, equipment and some training staff, all at the push of a button from any location.

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