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Now, more than ever, every corporation must seek out opportunities to help with increasing productivity within their respective business units. Professional development via dita Solutions offers the power of integrated courses within the organization and gives the HR Administrator absolute control over Content while having the features of real-time monitoring of individual and group progress plus historical data, all available at their fingertips.

HR Facilitators access to and control over their environment increases, as they are able to select their most appropriate form of access and/or training mode in relation to a particular subject matter. Flexible training includes conventional practices and training modes as well as alternatives and options provided by various media including, but not exclusive to, the recent developments in communications and information technology.

Full control of staff

Now is a vital time for all businesses to focus on minimising costs and increase productivity. This is efficiently achievable by automating and consolidating all training requirements through online e-learning platforms that can be manipulated to suit the HR administrator’s goals. dita Manager (Hyperlink to product page) allows the administrator to conveniently change all aspects of the module, view progress and report analytics through an easy to use learning management interface.

Complete training control

Consistent in-house training has been confronting in the past with training administrators presented with the challenge of not being able to tailor training modules in-house when required. dita Creator (Hyperlink to product page) recognises the real need organisations require to change training modules when different training objectives arise or compliance requirements are modified.

Easily assign training

Designated personnel such as Course Administrators now have the capability to assign new training to any staff member, for any desired period of time. This assists internal professional development and increases the overall business-wide skillset; creating much more adaptable resources to face an ever-changing business environment.

No third parties

No longer will it be required to delegate the creation of training modules to your IT department and have the physical training outsourced. With dita Creator (Hyperlink to product page) you’re given the tools to build each module from scratch to suit your training goals, this can then be delivered online to any staff member, in any location at any time.

Instant reporting

Live reporting can be viewed with the click of a button and sent to whoever requests the information with dita Manager. Groups can be internally set up to receive report information when requested or over consecutive periods of time so at any time or place the user can view training progress reports.

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