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Almost every business has a requirement for some form of training for their staff. Some industries need to cater for training every single day in the form of inductions or similar. Others have start-up courses with subsequent refresher modules to assist employees and contractors in staying abreast of the latest trends and practices in the workplace. There are many compliance aspects of every industry with each requiring some form of education or information sharing with the relevant staff.

Instant real-time reporting for managers on staff progress:

Managers can access staff files with instant reporting to track the progress of each individuals training outcomes, preventing uncompliant staff members performing their duties in a high-risk manner or environment.

Pre-employment training:

dita Solutions offers the benefit to have future staff members trained on workplace procedures and requirements before commencing their employment term, creating a new-age employee that are trained in all compliance aspects before commencement on site.

Consistent training and staff knowledge:

dita Solutions e-learning platform prevents employees stating they had not been trained in any training material. All material is delivered consistently with how the HR administrator constructs the module with the user not able to skip over any delivered training. Each module is built to the highest of standards required to create a compliant staff member, with the user required to pass multiple-choice questions after each section before being able to continue forward.

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