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Your Training & Compliance tracking in the cloud. Imagine having just one system for all of your training, inductions, professional development, competencies, surveys, and compliance tracking.

For your staff, contractors and business units to access online with a smart device or computer. Mobile, on the road, at their desks, on the shop floor, at home, or face-to-face in a meeting or class.

To learn, induct, re-certify, develop, update competency, do a test, or add licenses and certificates. With your own courses, content, library, events, news feed – managed by you, with instant reports. Created by you or us, or off-the-shelf, using video, audio, images, slides, text and documents.

Engaging your learners with assessment, feedback, progress, pathways and “what to do next”. With automatic reminders and alerts sent by email or SMS based on calendars and re-certify dates. Training and compliance tracking made easy.

That’s what dita does.

Inductions & Contractors

Whether it’s to induct new staff, or to give Contractors a quick convenient way to self-register before site access, dita Inductions is the smart solution for managing entry to your workforce.

New staff and contractors can upload their records for you: licenses, insurances, accreditations and data about contractors’ business and employees.

The induction platform is fully automated, configured for your business, and the library allows you to choose from package or custom courses to deliver general and site inductions to employees or contractors. Scalable to your needs and accessible anywhere with internet access.

Cloud-based online induction portal available anytime – across town, the state, the nation and the globe.


“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” — JACK WELCH, former General Electric CEO.

“If learners think it looks bad, you may have lost a good percentage of the battle in getting them to pay attention.” — PATTI SHANK, Director of Research, The eLearning Guild.

“The interactivity we design for e-learning must require the learner to do something that is cognitively demanding and that leads to improved performance.” —ETHAN EDWARDS, Chief Instructional Strategist, Allen Interactions

Training is crucial to the success of any organisation; for training to succeed it must be appealing, be assessed, and be easy to do and manage. That’s what dita does.

For basic compliance training, or for continuing structured staff development, dita handles everything you need: modules, courses, resources, events, calendar, enrolment, reminders, alerts, assessment, competency, certificates, surveys, plans, pathways, creator, video, audio, image, slides, text, documents, guides, library, records, manager and real-time reports.

Compliance Tracking

Does your industry require compliance? Does your workforce of employees and contractors-employees require compliance training and certifications? How do you track this for each person?

Organisations of all sizes face compliance management issues—whether to meet government regulations, industry standards, or to obtain and maintain qualifications and certifications.

Tracking and maintaining workforce compliance is essential for your organisation’s continuing success.

Can you easily manage this crucial people side of compliance? Or do you have to send numerous emails and get senior managers to intervene to get non-compliant employees to attend compulsory training?

dita can assess an employee’s individual records to automatically assign compliance training. dita communicates directly with an employee’s or contractor’s unit manager and provides compliance alerts if the employee falls behind or needs to refresh their skills.

And dita can update any workforce record in real time for pro-active compliance reporting. You will be prepared – training and compliance records are nearly always reviewed during a regulatory inspection or audit.


Businesses in today’s world are finding it necessary to be compliant and undertake safety training. Training on a face to face basis is not time or cost efficient.

Almost every business is required to provide some form of training for their staff. There are industries that must cater for training every day with inductions and the like. Others have start-up courses with subsequent refresher modules to assist employees and contractors in staying abreast of the latest trends and practices in the workplace. There are compliance aspects for every industry and all of these require some education and information sharing with the relevant staff.

Our solution helps reduce the amount of administrative tasks by uploading course curriculum, setting up groups, assigning courses, reminders, reoccurring training, compliance tracking and reporting.


Reduce Training Costs: avoid costly/non-consistent training, central location for all training, mark/process/file results in an automated process

Take Complete Control of your own Training: view progress/report analytics, change training modules, no third parties/IT department required

User Friendly: flexible to diverse range of employees/needs/interests, self-paced learning, mobility of training, easy single click navigation

Compliance Made Easy: varied compliance requirements catered for: daily inductions, start-up courses and refresher modules – prevent in-compliant staff working, pre-employment training, consistent training and staff knowledge

Simple Pricing: Annual discounts available, pay for 11 months in advance – receive 12th month free


  • An online compliance training and induction tool that is interactive, hands-on and cost-effective
  • Courses can be enhanced with interactive scenarios and practical examples to ensure learners truly understand and recognize compliance issues.
  • Mitigate the chance of breaching compliance requirements by implementing online courses quickly – induct staff with the correct content, on time
  • Create an organisation that values compliance
  • Prevent non-compliance issues that tie up time and money
  • Save by not having to hire rooms, equipment and training staff – at the push of a button, from any location


  • Software tool to easily, quickly and efficiently induct new or existing staff and contractors
  • Designed using instructional techniques focused on risk and compliance training
  • Provides a full audit trail – database maintains meticulous records
  • Courses updated constantly – with the very latest regulations and compliance requirements
  • Requires minimal technical resources
  • dita course hosting cooperates with SCORM (3rdparty) systems or within the learning management system
  • dita Creator
  • dita Player
  • dita Manager

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